• Crawlspace

    Vespaio areato Colosseo con tegoplastVentilated crawlspace ColosseoIt is easily used, the elements extreme lightness
    and rigidiness makes the laying stage quick and safe. TEGOPLAST is furnished of channels at the ends of it, facilitating its support
    on the ARCOPLAST rows.
  • Floors

    Solai con tegoplastFloors with tegoplastTEGOPLAST can be employed to build floor support structures
    made of reinforced concrete rather than traditional lug bricks or other materials.
  • Underground Walls

    Isolamento pareti interrateProtection and Insulation of Underground WallsTEGOPLAST (size 75cm X 42 cm x h10.5) combined with some additional elements (grid, plugs, fixing elements, flexible angled junctions, etc.) can be used to effectively insulate and ventilate underground walls.
  • Insulation

    Isolamento pareti interrateFloors ElevationTEGOPLAST can be used in an effective way to isolate and ventilate coverings, solar pavings and floor elevation.
    It creates an interspace which avoids the condensate formation and favours
    the heat insulation in the below environments.
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Execute a cleaning casting with thin concrete to make a well levelled laying plan of the crawlspace
of the elements constituting the vertical structure, “arcoplast with base”.

For heights over 45 cm, cut in advance the Ø 125 rigid PVC pipes of the desired height and interpose them between the ARCOPLAST and the base piece constituting the bearing pillars.

Successively link them following the laying direction indicated by the arrow. In the end block them with a 6 cm nails in the proper hookings till making rows with the useful length to cover the spans.

Start the laying from one of the ends of the surface to cover, according to the desired orientations. Arrange the premounted vertical structure in parallel rows two at a time and placed orthogonally one on another the CLOSE TEGOPLAST elements fixing them both on the guides and between them.

Go on till covering the interested surface and check that the outside walls are well in contrast.

Arrange possible pipes and inspection wells of the technological systems.
Arrange the possible additional horizontal armour made up of upright iron with a suitable section in correspondence of the ARCOPLAST rows and orthogonally in the junctions between the TEGOPLASTS.
Then lay the distribution reinforcement composed of an electrosoldered net (minimum size Ø 5 mm and a 20x20 cm grid). In the end a U iron of the length of the column and with a suitable diameter (minimum Ø 8 mm) has to be put in correspondence of each column and fix it to the net.
The metal armours have to be sized according to the height and overloads of the loose stone foundation.

Cast the concrete starting the filling from the vertical structure and continuing with finishing with the upper slab through an accurate vibration and level laying.

Mechanic equipments can be used to obtain a perfect smooth surface suitable for the tiling.
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Making of the Colosseo crawlspace in order to guarantee an insulation between the foundation and the flooring with the creation of a sanitary space. It is made with modular elements in recycled plastic, equipped with a certification for a minimum breaking load of 150 kg, concentrated on a surface of 5x5 cm. The afore mentioned crawlspace is composed of: vertical structure (ARCOPLAST) h 35 x L 50 x Φ 12,5 cm including the base Φ 20, linked and fixed together with a 50 cm wheelbase blocked with a 6 cm nails inserted in the special holes, arranged in parallel rows with a 96 cm wheelbase, possible PVC pipes Φ 12,5 cm for heights over 47 cm and horizontal structure (open TEGOPLAST) whose sizes are 82x42 hooked between them and laid on prefabricated rafters in reinforced concrete arranged in 50 cm wheelbase.
This guarantees the concrete casting necessary to lay the crawlspace. The following are not included: Supplying and laying of reinforced concrete prefabricated rafters, electrosoldering net, the possible supplementary armour and needed ventilation openings, concrete necessary to lay the surface of the crawlspace, filling of the razed vertical structure and the horizontal one.
1) For vertical structure € ... ml/cm
2) For horizontal structure with Tegoplast h 12 cm €... sqm.
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