• Floors

    Solai con tegoplastFloors with tegoplastTEGOPLAST can be employed to build floor support structures
    made of reinforced concrete rather than traditional lug bricks or other materials.
  • Crawlspace

    Vespaio areato Colosseo con tegoplastVentilated crawlspace ColosseoIt is easily used, the elements extreme lightness
    and rigidiness makes the laying stage quick and safe. TEGOPLAST is furnished of channels at the ends of it, facilitating its support
    on the ARCOPLAST rows.
  • Underground Walls

    Isolamento pareti interrateProtection and Insulation of Underground WallsTEGOPLAST (size 75cm X 42 cm x h10.5) combined with some additional elements (grid, plugs, fixing elements, flexible angled junctions, etc.) can be used to effectively insulate and ventilate underground walls.
  • Insulation

    Isolamento pareti interrateFloors ElevationTEGOPLAST can be used in an effective way to isolate and ventilate coverings, solar pavings and floor elevation.
    It creates an interspace which avoids the condensate formation and favours
    the heat insulation in the below environments.
Floor made of slab (predalle) in reinforced concrete with tegoplast PDF Print E-mail
Floors made of slab represent the industrialization of the traditional floor. The use of TEGOPLAST, in different versions, as lightening element for the slab production, cuts down the floor weight considerably, allows the passage of the technological systems and solves many other problems happening when other materials are used (brick blocks or polystyrene).
TEGOPLAST is waterproof so the wetting is not necessary as for the bricks, in this way the concrete is not deprived of the hydration water which weakens it, cut down its workability and makes the recovering of the iron bars armour difficult.
Besides the substitution with polystyrene avoids the crumbling included a dispersion of some of its parts among the armours which cause empty spaces in the concrete casting.
These kind of floors are classified, according
to the Ministerial decree 09/01/1996, as floors made up of prefabricated
elements in concrete and reinforced concrete with combinations
and/or completion castings. The reinforced concrete slab can have a module equal to 2, 3 or more lightening blocks, with a consistent width and a length proportionate
to the light to be covered making the laying
quicker. This kind of floor, already inserted in the appropriate positions, has the quantity of the steel armour necessary for the moving and the transportation,
for the provisional preparation
stage and to satisfy the structural condition foreseen during the work.

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Floor with a height of H = 5+... +... cm. It is composed of: prefabricated slabs (PREDALLES) in concrete, equipped with an electrosoldered net with round steel trellises, lightened with modular elements in“TEGOPLAST” recycled plastic and in different versions including special pieces, completion castings of the ribbings and of the upper slab with concrete , type Rck kg/cm2, electrosoldered net weighing from 1 to 1,5/sqm, inserted in the upper slab, also including the supporting armour, the round iron, the one inserted in the prefabricated slab and the one laid before the casting. € ... / sqm.

Instructions for a proper prefabrication

TEGOPLASTS have to be laid on the vibrant strip after the fresh concrete casting of the lower slab and laying the open TEGOPLAST trellises in order to fasten them according to the direction indicated by the arrows.
Outwards close TEGOPLAST are used to close the heads avoiding the concrete overflowing during the completion laying stage.
Special pieces have to be used for the making of the hardening ribbing: TEGOPLAST with a length of cm 25 and a height less than the PARTIAL PLUGS for the lateral closings between the TEGOPLAST with different heights. If the light and width of the slabs were not multiple of the TEGOPLAST elements, it will be possible to make some cuts both lengthwise and transversally in order to fit them to the suitable measures.
Two longitudinal cuts are necessary to eliminate the unnecessary fascia and, subsequently join their abutments through the H junction element in order to reduce the width of the TEGOPLAST elements and fit them to a shorter wheelbase between the trellises.
It is possible to overlap the prefabricated slabs on different levels and without problems for the storage and transportation as TEGOPLASTS are very solid.
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