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Plasticform srl
zona industriale S. Nicola 85025 Melfi - PZ - ITALY
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tel. +39 0972 762012 - 3
fax +39 0972 762344
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Plasticform, placed in Melfi (PZ) industrial area, has started its business in the moulding of plastic materials in 1998. It is arranged with a fleet of cars with a state-of-the-art-technology allowing us to satisfy every kind of requests using an injection technology.
Plasticform produces plastic components in different fields, among which, the automotive industry (FIAT – SATA), electrical appliances, building industry etc.
The main aim of the firm has always been directed to the diversification and creation of products with its own brand.
Mr. Vincenzo Di Miscio, building contractor and Plasticform administrator, using his experience developed from 2002 to this day, has started a research in the innovative products and materials for the building industry using recycled plastic, thus combining the interest in the environment with the innovation of the building industry. Plasticform has realized how important it is to recycle plastic materials, reducing the exploitation of the natural resources such as: quarries, woods, riverbeds from which materials for the building industry are extracted.
For this project Plasticform avails itself of the collaboration of the Engineering and Physics of the Environment Department of the University of Basilicata, designing firms and building enterprises.
Plasticform gave birth to a registered system composed of modular elements in recycled plastic, very versatile and used in the building sector, known with the brand ARTÈ®.
Plasticform has started the production and marketing of the above mentioned system since 2005.

Ours technical offices offer on-line [ This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ] free technical assistence for the use of ARTÈ components system. the updates for the general-technical catalog could be downloaded from this site after the registration procedure.

Arté System

Arté is a registered mark of Plasticform. It identify the build process of innovating products made in recycled plastics for the building trade.

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