• Floors

    Solai con tegoplastFloors with tegoplastTEGOPLAST can be employed to build floor support structures
    made of reinforced concrete rather than traditional lug bricks or other materials.
  • Crawlspace

    Vespaio areato Colosseo con tegoplastVentilated crawlspace ColosseoIt is easily used, the elements extreme lightness
    and rigidiness makes the laying stage quick and safe. TEGOPLAST is furnished of channels at the ends of it, facilitating its support
    on the ARCOPLAST rows.
  • Underground Walls

    Isolamento pareti interrateProtection and Insulation of Underground WallsTEGOPLAST (size 75cm X 42 cm x h10.5) combined with some additional elements (grid, plugs, fixing elements, flexible angled junctions, etc.) can be used to effectively insulate and ventilate underground walls.
  • Insulation

    Isolamento pareti interrateFloors ElevationTEGOPLAST can be used in an effective way to isolate and ventilate coverings, solar pavings and floor elevation.
    It creates an interspace which avoids the condensate formation and favours
    the heat insulation in the below environments.
TEGOPLAST environmental impact assessment
The Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) of the production process, can be considered as the evolution of the energetic analysis, a technic of study developed to determine the production energetic cost of the productive systems.
According to the ISO regulation 1997, the LCA is a technique to assess the environmental aspects and the potential impacts during the product life cycle of a process or of a service.
This new methodology has the characteristic to face the industrial system analysis with an approach typical of the traditional engineering, which favours the separated study of the single elements of the productive processes, but with a global vision of the productive system, where all the processes are taken into consideration as they participate to the making of the function for which they are designed.
In the examined experimentation the life cycle of a brick block and of a TEGOPLAST has been analysed to proceed later on a comparative analysis of the same.


From the analysis is possible to infer that TEGOPLAST has environmental impacts definitely lower compared to the brick block, in all of its life cycle stages: production, transportation, use.
All these circumstances make Tegoplast an eco-friendly product, with all the characteristics necessary to become protagonist in the sustainable building industry field.


Advantages of Arté system

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