• Underground Walls

    Isolamento pareti interrateProtection and Insulation of Underground WallsTEGOPLAST (size 75cm X 42 cm x h10.5) combined with some additional elements (grid, plugs, fixing elements, flexible angled junctions, etc.) can be used to effectively insulate and ventilate underground walls.
  • Floors

    Solai con tegoplastFloors with tegoplastTEGOPLAST can be employed to build floor support structures
    made of reinforced concrete rather than traditional lug bricks or other materials.
  • Crawlspace

    Vespaio areato Colosseo con tegoplastVentilated crawlspace ColosseoIt is easily used, the elements extreme lightness
    and rigidiness makes the laying stage quick and safe. TEGOPLAST is furnished of channels at the ends of it, facilitating its support
    on the ARCOPLAST rows.
  • Insulation

    Isolamento pareti interrateFloors ElevationTEGOPLAST can be used in an effective way to isolate and ventilate coverings, solar pavings and floor elevation.
    It creates an interspace which avoids the condensate formation and favours
    the heat insulation in the below environments.
Instructions for the laying PDF Print E-mail
Prepare the ground base with cement mortar, creating longitudinal levelling and little inclination towards the external side; make a draining cushion by laying a draining pipe covered with gravel and wrapped up in TNT;
Place the grids on the foundation base, fasten them with each other and fix them to the wall by 30 mm long, ø 6 mm plugs.
 2. Lay the first row of TEGOPLAST in the grid (see arrow) from left to right following the arrows.
Continue towards the top untill the finishing of the wall to isolate. Use the angled junction in the internal and external corners.
3. Anchor every single TEGOPLAST element to the wall by using fixing elements to set in the upper corners between two TEGOPLAST.
Fix them to the wall by 30 mm long, ø 6 mm plugs.
Use flexible angled junctions (joints) to cover up internal and external corners and fasten them to the lateral TEGOPLAST elements;
 4. Close the TEGOPLAST tops by plug closures or grids, according to the wall external setting.
As an alternative, use a zinc-coated caul, fixed to the wall by plugs, sealed up and facing down for at least 10 cm;
 5. To allow proper interspace ventilation, place two ø 80-100 mm pipes in two different places in the upper part in order to connect the interspaces and the ventilation sumps endowed with ventilation grid and exhaust pipe;Fill up the resulting structure with any type of soil, preventing big stones from crashing.
This last work can be carried out every two TEGOPLAST layers, so as to make scaffolding unnecessary.


ISOLATION AND VENTILATION OF UNDERGROUND WALLS and building elevation in concrete or masonry, of basements, carried out using recycled plastic modular elements (Tegoplast) 75 x 42cm x 10,5 cm thick, with open ended vaulted ribbings and drilled slots on both sides in order to grant ventilation in two directions. Placed vertically and linked together, they are fixed to the walls with fixing elements (Ø 4 screws) covering the whole surface to be isolated with horizontal lines measuring 75 cm.
The first placed at the lowest point on a plastic anchor grill and the highest one cut perfectly and covered with plastic caps.
Flexible plastic joints for corners, edges and cutting are included. Surface ventilation pipes and plate zinc flashings to be placed vertically on the lateral closings or horizontally o the upper part are excluded.

TEGOPLAST with a thickness of 10,5 cm €... sqm
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